Our Fleet

Bright red trucks, immaculately clean, chrome wheels, and always perfectly maintained, Messina Trucking, Inc. takes great pride in our fleet of trucks and trailers. If you live in or around the Metropolitan Detroit area we’re sure you’ve seen our trucks and trailers on the road. Messina Trucking, Inc. also has a host of earth moving equipment at our disposal to facilitate materials and aggregate orders as well as our short and long-term contractual obligations. On top of this, our fleet of heavy equipment haulers is among the most comprehensive in the industry. Over 55 years in the business means our team brings stability, longevity, and unrivalled experience to our customers. In short, Messina Trucking, Inc. has the trucks and highly skilled and certified drivers to get the job done. Our commitments with our customers include rentals of trucks and drivers for just a few hours or over several weeks and months. Contact us today to learn how we’re the perfect solution for your materials and aggregate hauling and heavy equipment transport requirements.

Materials / Aggregate Haulers

Steel 52 ton – Train
Aluminum 52 ton – Short Double & Train
Steel 33 ton – Semi
Aluminum 42 ton – Short Double


Heavy Equipment Haulers

35 ton – Deck – Up To 70,000 lb
55 ton – Beam – Up To 110,000 lb
60 ton – Deck – Up To 120,000 lb
75 ton – Beam – Up To 150,000 lb
90 ton – Beam – Up To 180,000 lb
8 Axle – Flat Bed – Varies

Proudly Serving

Sewer Contractors
Commercial Contractors
Commercial Excavators
Road & Bridge Builders
Residential Contractors
Residential Homebuilders
Underground Contractors


Material/Aggregate Hauling
Soil Removal
Heavy Equipment Hauling
Concrete Removal
Concrete Recycling
Truck with Driver Hourly Rental
Truck with Drivers Long Term Contract
Debris Removal to Landfill
Commercial Snow Removal
Lake/Pond Excavation
Waterway Dredging

Heavy Equipment Hauling

Rock Trucks


Crushed Concrete
Natural Stone
Clay and Topsoil
Road Gravel

Coverage Area

Lapeer County
Macomb County
Oakland County
St. Clair County
Wayne County